Healthier US (submitted by Nicole)

(The following entry has been provided by a student in Saddleback College’s Alternative Learning Strategies Class. Each semester, students locate websites that could provide an educational benefit to high school, college, or adult learners, then provide commentary. Hopefully, you find these sites as beneficial as we have. The links are listed at the bottom of the entry and can also be accessed by clicking on the entry title)

This website gives you the information on how you can improve yourself physically and nutritionally. It also encourages you to make healthier choices and get preventive screenings. Each of these four major areas has related links which in turn links. This way you can find a link that will specifically help you with what you might need or want to find out about; such as foods and nutrition physical activity, alcohol use, HIV, or diabetes. This site can be used as an educational tool by helping students perform better academically or by providing good resources for health class.

If you personally follow the suggestions on the website you should be able to reduce your stress, increase your energy levels, decrease your number of sick days and boost your self- esteem. As a result you should become a better student. I chose this website because personally fitness and nutrition are an important part of my life. Why? I want to look good and stay in shape. I value staying active- not being lazy. Also, when I exercise and eat right, I find that I perform better in my classes. I think more clearly and I stay on task and don’t procrastinate.

My scenario for a student who might use this web site : My overweight friend is hooked on coffee and sugar drinks. The problem is when she gets to this afternoon class, she has no energy and can’t seem to focus. She hasn’t turned in her assignments and she needs help! Before the stress college life, she used to be in pretty good shape and at least turned in her assignments on time. The information in this website would put her on the right track physically and nutritionally resulting hopefully in more energy, improved academic performance and higher self-esteem because of her success or achievement in following the recommended exercise and eating habits from the website.